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Our Estate Planning practice focuses on drafting Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney for Property and Medical Care, Living Wills, HIPAA Releases and other relevant Estate Documents. Our Estate Administration practice focuses on Probate Filings, Trust Administration and Small Estate Affidavits.

Real Estate

Our Real Estate practice focuses on sellers’ and buyers’ closings. We also get involved in basic evictions, drafting of deeds, mortgages, notes, liens, covenants and other real estate documents. In recent years our firm has been involved with Short Sale Transactions and other types of Distressed Sale Matters. While rare, we are occasionally involved in land sale contracts, land trusts, Chicago Community Land Trust Closings.

Debt Relief (Bankruptcy)

Our practice is involved in the consultation and filing of Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Matters. All debt relief initial consultations are free by necessity to determine whether a potential client should even consider bankruptcy as part of their debt relief solution. In recent years, we have filed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Matters that have refinanced automobile debt, stripped off junior (second) mortgages, allowed debtors to get caught up on mortgages and even discharge parking tickets and tolls. While Chapter 7 is the most common and traditional bankruptcy, it can be very complex – in recent years we have filed multi million dollar Chapter 7 liquidations for both personal and business clients.

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