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Parking Tickets are a crime, fine or penalty as defined under the bankruptcy code.  They are not dischargeable in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  Usually the filing of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy forces the City of Chicago or other Illinois Municipality to offer a payment plan.  What is less clear is whether the suspended license will be immediately  re-instated based upon the Chapter 7 Filing.  Usually, the re-instated driver’s license is only allowed after the discharge is granted, the payment plan is in effect and payments are being made or the entire balance of the parking tickets is paid. Therefore, Chapter 7 is a great way to get rid of debt without any repayment, but not such a great way to deal with a parking ticket problem and absolutely not a great way to get your license back quickly.

Parking Tickets are dischargeable in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  Typically debtors will pay back as little as 10% of the total balance.  This is not always the case, but is true in a large portion of cases.  Upon the filing of the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the debtor with a suspended driver’s license can immediately apply for re-instatement of the suspended driver’s license and can expect to be behind the wheel in as little as a week.  Chapter 13 is also popular for people who only have enough money for the filing fee ($281) and need to stop garnishments, home foreclosure and car repossessions.

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