No need to send a check or fax in an authorization form.  Simply pay online by clicking the applicable payment link.  Payment services are provided by LawPay.  LawPay provides a secure webpage and payment processing system and is endorsed by the American Bar Association (ABA).

Make a Payment on an Invoice or Bill

As a client of NLO Nelson Law Office you can make a payment on an existing invoice at anytime electronically.  Simply go to “Click Here to Make Payment to the Operating Account” .  Enter your information and press submit.  Your payment is processed through a separate secure payment page hosted by LawPay.  LawPay is an endorsed electronic payment method by the American Bar Association (ABA).

Click Here to Pay Your Bill

Make a Payment to your Retainer Account held in our Client Trust Account

If you have been requested to deposit money into the client trust account or provide a retainer, you should go to the link above entitled “Click Here to Make Payment to the Client Trust Account”.  Click the link, enter your information and hit submit.  As stated above all transactions are secure and hosted by LawPay to ensure complete security.

Click Here to Pay Your Retainer